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Architecture as dialogue

Exitprojectes was established in 2004 by Dani Ortiz and Raül Salas with the unmistakable vocation: that the most refined beauty and timelessness can be achieved in each and every project, taking into consideration the demands, needs and desires of every client.

The studio works by understanding each project as the result of constant dialogue. Not only with the developer, whose needs are essential, but also with the environment in which the project is going to be built. We aim to achieve a coherent result by responding consciously to the light, the shade and the materiality of the whole environment: to transcend mere construction.

The team also extends its dialogue to the history of architecture itself. By turning our gaze insistently to history, we delve further into the timeless aspect of all of our proposals.

Exitprojectes Arquitectes

Refined architecture but with powerful sentiments

Exitprojectes faces each new proposal with the challenge of interpreting and shaping the client’s demands combined with the intention of exceeding their expectations.

In order to do this, the team seeks a way to emphasise the qualities of each location. We develop generous, orderly and proportionate spaces, by making light and shadow the protagonists. We bathe and draw the rooms, putting special care into the choice of materials, thus emphasising the concept of landscape integration. We carefully consider the tones and textures, to make sure they blend in with the environment.

In each project, there is an express desire to overcome –or better yet– to take advantage of the previous conditions of each location. By doing this, we interpret the essence of each room which in the end equates to generating timeless, contemporary and elegant spaces, without sacrificing comfort and quality. Small details are taken care of at all times.

In this careful process, a very close relationship with the property is established. Only in this way – with commitment and proximity – can the sought-after timeless beauty be combined with the personal scale and powerful sentimental experience of a project.

Exitprojectes Arquitectes

Vocation for service

The design and its materialisation can only become a success if, together with architectural excellence, there is a clear vocation to put knowledge and experience at the service of the client. ExitProjectes has that vocation and also a great capacity for empathy with which to interpret both the words and the silences of its clients.

The team adds their valuable professional journey to every project, a team who are involved and willing to travel on the long process starting from the very idea, existing only in one’s imagination, to the reality of the project down to the finest of details, all the while making it an enjoyable experience.

Exitprojectes Arquitectes

“The classics are our guide. We go back to them again and again so that our projects invariably offer a serene, timeless beauty. A perennial beauty, but changing in each location, always different: because it feeds on light and shadow, on real matter and empty spaces ”.